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Sattwa Herbs tar paus den 1 juni


Vi öppnar igen i december 2022

Vi kommer att stänga/pausa webshopen den 1 juni och men slår upp våra portar igen den 1 december 2022.

För alla er kunder som handlat våra örter över åren så har vi nu ett särskilt rabatterbjudande så du kan köpa de örter du behöver för de närmaste 6 månaderna.

Klicka på knappen för att läsa mer om varför vi tar paus och ta del av erbjudandet.

Welcome to Sattwa Herbs

🍀 My name is Sara Fryklund and I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner. My passion is to mix herbs and to help my clients to create a healthy lifestyle with some simple diet and lifestyle tools - that lasts a lifetime!

🍀 I have over the years in consultation with clients developed personal herbal blends and helped thousands of clients to harmonious digestion, healthy skin and to live a more balanced life.

🍀 It is important for me to help you as a customer based on where you are, therefore I have also created courses today where you as a customer get help with your entire health everything from digestion, skin and other health problems to finding your health balance.

🍀 Today I run Sattwa Herbs together with team Sattwa, we have our production facilities outside Ystad in Southern Sweden and mix our herbal blends ourselves - everything is done by hand.

Are you curious to start with herbs or to take one of my courses. A warm welcome to the Sattwa Herbs community! ❤️

It is possible to achieve a healthy digestion - read more about our concept here.

Warm greetings

Ayurveda & Herbal Practitioner

Our most popular products

Herbs for the Pitta stomach Pitta All in One. We all have different types of digestions and we digest our food in different ways.

Choose your product and digestive type here!

Our herbal blend Herbs for skin - Soft & Glow is for all kinds of skin- and digestive types.

Let Go Mild & Daily - Pulver Our herbal blend Let Go Mild & Daily is preferably taken before bedtime. Take 1 teaspoon in 0.5 dl of hot (boiled) water and let the body clean properly at night.

This is what we offer

Your own herbal blend - for just your type of digestion and the needs you have

The herbal recipes are developed by Sara our Herbal & Ayurvedic practitioner

Natural Ayurvedic herbs carefully selected for you

Simple diet and lifestyle tools in the form of courses for your entire health

Lena - Fantastic - now I have a life and love my stomach!

Thanks for the recent conversation Sara and the help in choosing herbs for the future. I follow your tips with the Mung Bean Casserole, hot water, and of course the herbs. Fantastic! My life changed when I started with your herbal blends. Now I have a life and love my stomach!

Hiba - No more energy dips

For me, Mung Bean Casserole in combination with Sattwa Herb's product Herbs for Skin - Soft & Glow has been amazing! From being the person who exercises and eats healthy food and still has problems and getting energy dips in the evenings. To have stable energy throughout the day. Highly recommend this!

Katja - Can now eat anything without swelling up!

It's hard to describe in words how happy and grateful I feel to have found Sattwa Herbs. For almost 3 years I have had problems with my swollen stomach. Read more

Malin - Thank you so much for great products

Hi! Just have to take the opportunity to tell you that your herbs have done wonders for my skin (and stomach - that's where the root of the skin problems is). After a long sick leave for fatigue syndrome... Read more

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Do you want to learn a new way of thinking about food and get help finding your health balance. Use our 5 Essential Tools - which Sara uses to help Sattwa's customers to a better digestion.

To the 5 essential tools-

It all starts with your digestion!

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Welcome to Sattwa Herbs

We sell ayurvedic herbal blends to EU, Great Britain, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Your country and language are selected automatically. But if you want to change it please use the Selector (the Selector is placed in the menu on your mobile phone and above the main menu on your computer or tablet).

Enjoy our world of Herbs and Ayurveda!

Warm Regards

Sara Fryklund

Founder, Ayurvedic and herbal practitioner