Chewing makes wonders for your stomach

We have no teeth in the stomach! The only mechanical breakdown that occurs from food is in the mouth. When large, unchewed pieces come down into the stomach, the digestive enzymes are not able to corrode the food pieces, but instead the by-product gas is formed and we become bloated and often also get a stomach ache from the gas. When the body is then unable to absorb the nutrients it needs and expel the residual products it needs through the stool, it chooses to react to the imbalance in different ways. You get an extra hard, loose or sluggish stool, pellets, diarrhea, gastritis, acid reflux or it comes out as adult pimples, joint pain, irregular periods, headaches, extreme fatigue, eczema or other skin problems. Yes the list can be made long ...

Many times it is sooo easy to get your digestion in order, you just have to chew more. Chewing does wonders!

Gas is the first sign that your digestion is not working properly. When Vata gets out of balance, gas is formed and one of the easiest ways to reduce gas and bloating and keep Vata under control - in addition to eating and drinking hot - is to chew well!

More things that work wonders for the stomach are:

  • Herbs for your particular type of digestion. Read more about Sattwa Herbs Herbal blends here or do our Digestion Quiz to see which type of stomach you have.
  • Drink hot water between meals and never drink before meals. It is very important for your digestion how and when to drink.
  • Eat warm and cooked food regularly breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks if you need.
  • Mung Bean Casserole - Good food for the stomach, ...and a way to get to know your digestion.
  • Take your herbs with ghee and use ghee in cooking! Recipe for ghee