Ginger - Hot water and Ayurveda

Do you also have ginger in your hot water in the morning?

Drinking hot water has become a bit of a buzzword for health-conscious people today, especially if you are interested in Ayurveda and the simple diet and lifestyle tools that this five-thousand-year-old medical tradition offers. Ginger we have also learned to be good for many things and then especially for digestion and the immune system. This has resulted in many people drinking a cup of warm water with a few slices of fresh ginger every morning.

What does Sattwa Herbs Ayurveda specialist Sara Fryklund say about it?

Well, it's great that so many people have begun to understand that it is important to drink HOT water and not COLD when we live in such a cold climate as we do in Sweden. The body must work to warm up all fluid that is below 37 degrees. So the hotter you drink, the easier it is for the body to assimilate the water without losing energy (however, it should be drinkable - not scalding hot). Hot water also soothes a stressed mind and an anxious stomach.

Is it extra good to have Ginger * in the hot water?

If you have a Vata (hard stomach) or Kapha (sluggish and stagnant stomach) it is great. The hot property of ginger accelerates these stomachs. But if you have a lot of heat/fire in the stomach, ie Pitta stomach (looser stomach) or problems with gastritis, acid reflux or heartburn, or very red skin rash, you should not have ginger in your warm water. However, a Pitta stomach can use it moderately in cooking, a little ginger stimulates digestion for all stomach types. A Pitta stomach may prefer to drink its hot water as it is or have in a few drops of lemon.

If you want to know what type of stomach you have, do our Digestion Quiz.

For those of you who want to read a little more about the herb Ginger's properties from an Ayurvedic perspective. Read below!

Ginger is by nature hot - it is quite easy to understand as it causes heartburn if you eat too much. But it is also slightly oily, and sweet in nature. To understand this, you have to broaden your thinking a bit. Try tasting a small piece of fresh ginger and see if you can feel these flavors - properties.

In other words, ginger is good for Vata and Kapha stomachs, but also there in moderate amounts because most of us have an inherent heat (fire) due to the fact that we stress so much today. In some individuals, you may also see fire symptoms such as red rashes, inflammation of the joints, or other body parts.

If you have a lot of fire in you, you should preferably only use ginger in cooking, not add it every day in your hot water. Ayurveda is rarely about all or nothing. As you understand, a little ginger can stimulate digestion (especially for hard and stagnant Vata and Kapha stomachs) but a lot of ginger can also upset these stomachs, especially if you have other heat/fire symptoms.

The warm energy in Ginger also has a whole range of fantastic properties, it can be antispasmodic for menstrual pain, expectorant for colds, increase blood circulation, and is good for nausea.

But I have heard that ginger is good against inflammatory processes in the body?

Yes, that's right. Ginger has long-term anti-inflammatory properties. But if you take too much ginger, especially if you have a Pitta stomach (which already has fire/heat in it), you can worsen the inflammation in the body.

A small summary

Vata and Kapha digestion = a little fresh ginger in the hot water is okay + of course ginger (dried or fresh) in cooking.

Pitta digestion = use only ginger (dried or fresh) in cooking and drink warm water as it is (or with a few drops of lemon in it).

Warm greetings

Sara Fryklund

Ayurvedic Practitioner in diet, digestion, skin, and herbs