Let Go - A wonderful detox

A wonderful detox with Sattwa Herb's five simple tools - also works well to do during a normal working week.

The mung bean stew gives you a nutritious cleansing of body and mind and is also very good, cheap and easy to prepare. The herbs are needed to support the body's own ability to balance and cleanse the stomach and digestion. Hot water and calm and quiet breathing are simple tools that give a nice whole to your physical and sensual cleansing. All this so that you can start to get to know yourself and your digestion, that is the key to getting your stomach and health in order!

Feel free to try all our tools at once or examine one at a time.


Mung Bean Casserole is full of nutrition, tastes good, is easy to cook and suitable for sensitive stomachs. Replace all meals with Mung Bean Casserole for 7 days, or eat a hot porridge breakfast and Mung Bean Casserole for the rest of the meals. You cook the soaked mung beans together with, among other things, turmeric, coriander and cumin that you first fried in ghee. When serving, spice up your casserole with a little chutney, herb salt and Crème Fraiche. Recipes for Mung Bean Casserole and Ghee can be found here.

Tool 2  HOT WATER or TEA

Drink a cup of warm water between all meals - with a drop of lemon or a little ginger (not for hot/fiery Pitta stomachs) or buy an organic cleansing herbal tea. Tea and warm water help to clear out slag products. Read more about how to drink hot water here.


To support the body's own ability to clean out, it is important to take herbs. You can clean with Let Go Mild & Daily which is available as both powder and capsules. Take 1 teaspoon in 0.5 dl of boiling water or 3-4 capsules after the meal and preferably also before going to bed. If you want a deeper cleansing over a longer period of time, choose our Add on Product Detox Longer & Stronger. You always take it with a Primary Product for your digestion type Vata, Pitta or Kapha. The primary product also supports and stabilizes an upset or hard stomach. Get help choosing digestion type and products here.

A course of 1-2 months can look like this:

1/2 teaspoon Vata, Pitta or Kapha All in One + 1/2 teaspoon Detox Longer & Stronger after breakfast and after lunch or supper. Then you take 1 teaspoon or 3 to 4 capsules Let Go Mild & Daily before you go to bed, so the body can clean at night and you get a nice and beautiful stool in the morning :)


A 3 - 5 minute peace and quiet breathing is an enormously easy way to unwind, let go of old feelings, and recharge your energy. Do as follows: Sit down, put your index finger to your thumb, and place your hands comfortably on your knees. Now take 3 deep and slow breaths, feeling each breath from beginning to end. Repeat this 3 times/day at a specific time eg before each meal. If you want to do a longer wonderful morning or evening yoga and learn new breathing exercises, watch this video with Lisa, Sattwa herbs Ayurvedic counselor, and yoga teacher.


During your cleansing, you should practice feeling how it feels in your body when you do all these tools. The key to feeling good is to be able to feel what is happening in the body and mind. After each exercise; for example, when you have eaten a portion of Mung Bean Casserole, been drinking hot water, taken your herbs, or sat down and breathed, try to take a few seconds and FEEL how it feels in your body or your stomach and digestion. Do you feel calm, bubbly, or anxious; all is well it's the beginning of a new life!