Lotta's journey - To a strong and prosperous digestion

Lotta is one of many who have received help from our Ayurvedic Practitioner Sara and Sattwa Herbs herbal blends! A well-balanced lifestyle and herbs supports daily and have helped her turn her life around. Today, her digestion is strong, she feels good and can enjoy life. Read Lotta's story.

This is my story and journey towards a more harmonious digestion.

By chance, I came in contact with Ayurveda specialist Sara Fryklund 6 years ago. I suffered from internal stress that caused disorder in my body, it manifested itself in sluggish digestion, bloated stomach and a clear hormonal imbalance in the form of premenstrual disorders. I was so tired of never feeling refreshed and happy. With Sara, I learned that it's not always "what you eat, but how you eat" that is important for a balanced digestion. Sitting down and eating in peace and quiet, chewing my food properly and learning to use spices in my cooking were some of the tools I brought home. She also helped me understand how to take care of myself by thinking positively and believing in myself.

With a cleansing based on mung bean stew and personally mixed herbs, I began my journey towards a more harmonious stomach.

A short time later, my parents-in-law passed away quickly, and with that came a difficult period of grief and stress. I started to neglect my diet and during this period I did not take my herbs regularly either. My period became irregular, I had difficulty with motor skills and my speech became slurred and hoarsely. My first thought was that I had entered menopause. Since I have always had frequent menstrual periods, I thought that it was normal to enter menopause a little earlier, I was then 44 years old. But when other symptoms appeared, I understood that something was not right and then sought help from health care. It was established that I suffered from hypothyroidism (dysfunction of the thyroid gland that controls metabolism).

I was prescribed the drug Levaxin and the doctor made it clear to me that I had to eat this for the rest of my life. Slightly shocked, I went home with my pill jar and started taking one tablet a day on the doctor's prescription.

During the following one-year period, I did not take any herbs. I wanted to give the medicine an honest chance. Instead, I was careful with my diet and patiently set the right dose. Many of my symptoms disappeared. I gained control of my motor skills, my voice was more stable and my sluggish stomach got a little better.

Although I continued to take Levaxin regularly after the first year, my digestion periodically got worse again. I sometimes had nausea for several days straight and difficulty going to the toilet, this then resulted in me vomiting. I also suffered from several colds during this period and had a tough yellow mucus in my throat.

In the same vein, Sara Sattwa Herbs started and since I did not feel completely helped by Levaxin, I tried to take a mixture of Pitta Classic and Kapha Classic along with Booster Energy & Body.

I immediately got better and had a more harmonious stomach, my infections and the yellow mucus in my throat also disappeared.

Today I feel positive about the future. I still eat Levaxin but my goal is to eventually be completely free of it. When my stomach feels good, it affects all my well-being positively, both physically and mentally. The herbs are therefore especially helpful during periods of stress and when I am careless with how I eat. Thanks to the help I received from Sara and Sattwa Herbs, I have a prosperous digestion today.