Sofia 24 - My skin and stomach, they are connected

In my early teens, my stomach started to swell and become hard. Sluggish digestion, gas and not being able to take care of the stomach for several days were common. When my mother and her mother experienced similar problems, they taught me that it was normal. At the same time, I developed severe acne, just as my mother and grandmother had in their youth. From the time I was 17 onwards, I tested various cures, diets, and diet regulation as well as the strong skin medicine Roaccutane for my acne. Today I am 24 years old and have had these problems for more than 10 years. No medicine or medical care has helped. The turning point for me was a conversation with my mother. When we talked about my problems, she said that "This is how our bodies work, it is not possible to change". I refused to accept it and sat down in front of google, started reading about Ayurveda, and found Sattwa Herbs.

During our conversation, I got a very good first impression of Sara. She listened to me and immediately understood what my body needed. A rewarding conversation filled with a wish and focus on making me feel good! Sara talked about how important it is to lubricate the body from the inside. She recommended me to try Ghee and as a vegan, for 2 years now I actually tested Ghee for the good of my well-being. A vegan diet and avoiding gluten and sugar were the only things that helped so far. The taste of ghee was unfortunately not for me, instead, I cooked my food with coconut oil which suited me better.

With a strong motivation to improve my health, I detoxed for two weeks with guidance from Sara. There was oatmeal for breakfast and mung bean stew for lunch and dinner. It took 3 days before I got the right taste and texture on the stew. It got tastier and tastier the more times I ate it and my body completely loved the mung beans. I discovered that soup suited my stomach best and that it gave me the least gas. I quickly felt more energetic. When I previously did not have energy after a meal and felt drowsy and heavy in the body, I now became full of energy. 5 days into the detox cure I took care of my stomach and have since been able to empty my bowels once a day.

During the third week, I still ate the stew but added rice and vegetables. In addition, I combined this with the herbs that Sara selected. In the first weeks, we prioritized Vata All-in-one and Let Go Mild & Daily. After a few weeks, Sara added Support Skin for my skin. The first few times I tasted it, it was difficult to drink the mixtures, but with the attitude that it heals my body, I happily continued. I have been drinking hot water for a long time but not to the extent Sara advised me to do. Now I can not imagine drinking cold water again, just the thought of it feels strange in my stomach. I have always chewed the food properly, prefer to eat slowly, sometimes for up to 30 minutes.

With all the new knowledge about how the body and mind interact with food, the hot water, the fantastic effect of the herbs, I am no longer hard in the stomach today. For the first time in many years, I can take care of my stomach every day. How wonderful it is to have a well-functioning stomach! I am now in the process of cleaning up my skin, considering how well it has gone, I see a positive future. Endless thanks to Sara and Sattwa Herbs for the fantastic work you do.

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