The Five essential tools - for your digestion

Å natural holistic solution for your health. THE HERBS are your base and your security! The tools are easy to learn one at a time, remember that change takes time - but you see fast results and Sattwa Herb's tools last a lifetime!

...psst when you get 2-3 of the tools you have usually achieved a lasting change. Should you then forget and get out of balance again, well then you already have a finished toolbox and will get better in one go!

Tool 1 Take your herbs - every day regularly

Herbs are your base for finding a balanced digestion, therefore, it is important to take them every day. 1 time/day for maintenance, 2-3 times/day if you are out of balance. We have Ayurvedic herbs of the highest quality in capsules and powder for your stomach, skin, stress and other health. Choose a ready-made mixture or combine yourself. If you need help choosing, do our Digestion Quiz.

Tool 2 Eat Mung Bean Casserole

Replace a meal a day or eat it as a detox for 7-10 days. Sattwa Herbs Mungbönsgryta is a support in everyday life to give digestion peace and quiet. It is full of nutrition, easy to cook, fits all stomachs, even sensitive and it is also taste good! Make a big cook and freeze, recipes and instructions can be found here.

Tool 3 Drink hot water between meals

Start the day with half a cup of hot water - wait a bit before eating breakfast so that the water escapes. Then drink a larger amount of your hot water between meals - 1 small cup is enough, with a drop of lemon in if you want. Learn more about drinking hot water here.

Tool 4 Use Ghee - a shredded long-cooked butter

Ghee is great for digestion! Use ghee as a base in cooking, supplement then with coconut or olive oil sometimes. Ghee lubricates a hard and stagnant Vata or Kapha stomach and stabilizes a looser pitta stomach. We have of course added ghee to our herbal blends All in One. You can also eat your herbs with extra ghee if you have a very hard, loose, upset stomach or dry skin. Recipes for ghee can be found here. 

Tools 5 Choose 1-2 tools from our Holistic Star

It is more important HOW you eat than what you eat. Do you eat in peace and quiet and chew properly? Do you eat hot and cooked food - preferably three times a day including breakfast? How long ago were you with a naprapath for the back - the backside of your stomach - they are connected. Test these tips first, then join us at Sattwa Herbs and explore a lot of other great tools from our Holistic Star, all for you to find a lasting and durable change in your health.

Want help getting started and getting your stomach and digestion in order!

Do this:

1. Start by choosing herbs from Tool 1 above, the herbs will be your base and your stability.

2. Explore and start trying the Diet Tools above Mung Bean Casserole, Hot Water, Ghee.

3. Join our Facebook Group Sattwa Herbs Community to get inspired and get tips on how to practice these tools.

4. Do you want to get started faster and at the same time learn more about herbs, stomach types, skin and other health issues, take one of Sara’s online courses. The courses will be launched during spring and summer 2022.


Sara and Team Sattwa