Three tips for a beautiful skin from within

  1. Chew well - why should you chew extra carefully when you have bad skin... well because then the body can absorb all the nutrients, it does not need to expel slag products through your skin in the form of acne, redness or eczema. Skin problems can occur when your digestion is not able to convert the food you eat into nutrition because you have not chewed properly. Read more about chewing here.
  2. Take herbs for your particular skin type. We have the Add-on product Support Skin which is available in three variants for your specific skin type: Get help choosing your digestion and skin type here. Ayurvedic herbs cleanse and balance the skin from the inside. Impurities are transported out of the body and gives the skin a new shine and glow.
  3. Eat your herbs with extra ghee if you have any of these concerns:

Read more about how to take your herbs with extra ghee here.