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DRINK ½ - 1 cup HOT WATER between meals.

Pour up a cup of boiling water and pour in a little cold water, so you can drink the hot water at once. Add a drop of lemon if you want or ginger (be careful with ginger if you have a Pitta stomach or a lot of fire/gastritis). Honey also works well, but add the honey when the water has cooled down a bit.

Here's how to drink hot water during the day:

Before breakfast

Drink a few mouthfuls up to half a glass of hot water when you wake up. Then wait at least 10 -20 minutes for the water to cool down before eating your breakfast. Prepare your breakfast and do your morning routines in the meantime.

At meal time

Pour up a glass of boiling water and sip on it during a meal. Then wait a few minutes after the meal so the food has a chance to sink down and then drink up the rest. We all have different digestions, some quick, some slow. You are the one who knows your own digestion best. Listen to it! Let everything take its time!

Between meals

Drink most of your hot water between meals so you do not disturb your digestive fire while it is digesting your food. Hot water helps your whole body and digestion to keep calm in between meals. It is also a mild detox and it actually helps to minimize cravings for sweets and it feels like cotton for an upset stomach. Try to replace a few cups of your coffee/tea with hot water- and enjoy the new wonderful feeling!

How hot should the water be?

Pour up some boiling water and pour in a little cold water so you can drink it at once. The best thing is to let the boiled hot water cool down by itself, but we do not always have the time to do so. So either pour in some cold water or let the hot water cool down until it feels warm and comfortable to drink. If you have a lot of Vata imbalance and a tendency to a lot of gas, you can certainly experience that too cold water creates gas, while hot water removes gas.

Why should it be hot?

Hot water calms a Vata stomach and speeds up a stagnated Kapha stomach and is helps a nervous Pitta stomach to calm down. It is in other words great for all three digestive types Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Our body temperature is 37 degrees and everything below it takes a lot of energy for our body to warm up. In countries with a hot climate, they drink tea, have you thought about that? It's only we Westerners who sip on cold drinks with ice cubs when we travel in hot countries.

Do you need to drink 2 liters per day?

No, it is enough with ½ cup to 1 cup per occasion, ie between meals, the body absorbs the hot water more easily. You will during a day anyhow land on 1,5 liter liquid in total if you count everything you drink during a day.

Can I drink tea instead

Black tea dries out your body if you drink too much, green tea and herbal teas are good for digestion but there are herbs in them and they speed up digestion in different directions, invigorating, soothing etc, sometimes it is better and often calmer for your digestion to just drink hot water.

Should you drink hot water all year round?

It is very important for your digestion to drink hot water regularly despite where you live in the world, warm or cold weather. Although in a colder climate like in northern and middle Europe, make sure you always help your metabolism to keep warm and healthy so your digestion can function as it should. But on a warm summer day, drink lukewarm water or enjoy a cold drink or a beer if you like it:)!

Here's how to stay warm during the cold season from October to April:

It is extra important during this period, when both Vata and Kapha are extra active, to take care of the COLD quality (guna). What do you do when you freeze, i.e. is cold - Well, you warm up. This is one of the most basic principles of Ayurveda to treat the “guna” (quality) that is out of balance or at risk of being out of balance with the opposite. When it is cold outside, it is extra important to do things that keep you WARM. Here are Sattwa Herbs tips for the winter:

  • Drink hot water, especially between meals.
  • Eat hot and cooked food.
  • If you have stomach problems keep the body warm, especially around the stomach and the back, for example with a blanket / wool scarf, it is also possible to sleep with it.
  • Wrist warmer / leg warmer for the joints if you easily get pain in the joints.
  • Hot water bottles, wheat pillows and heating blankets are good to have at home as well.
  • Take warm baths with aromatic oils that you like.

Sara Fryklund - Ayurvedic Practitioner

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