Our concept

Ayurvedic herbal blends for your digestion, body and mind

- developed by Sara Fryklund - Sattwa Herb's own Ayurvedic Practitioner

Sattwa Herbs sells natural Ayurvedic herbal blends. We have herbal products for your digestion, skin, stress and other health.

We humans all have different types of stomachs and we digest our food in different ways. If your digestion works, the body can often manage to take care of other imbalances that you may suffer from. Sattwa Herbs therefore offers personally selected herbs based on the thousands of years old traditional medicinal system Ayurveda. 

It all starts with your digestion!

Who are we?

Sattwa Herbs is a Swedish company that has its production facilities in Ystad. The founder of Sattwa Herbs is Sara Fryklund - Ayurvedic Practitioner, but today we are a whole team working to spread the message about the herbs fantastic effect on our health!

Where are we?

Sattwa Herbs herb products are sold here in our web shop, nowadays we also have courses for your entire health balance.

Help choosing products or type of digestion?

Do our Digestion Quiz or read more in Choose products to see which herbs you need and what type of digestion you have!

What do the herbal blends contain?

Sattwa Herbs herbal blends are natural supplements with ayurvedic herbs in powder form composed and tested by Sara Fryklund, Sattwa Herbs own herb and Ayurvedic  Practitioner. We buy our herbs from carefully selected suppliers in Europe and India. Some of our herbal blends such as All in One also contain ghee, a clarified butter that has been used for thousands of years in the Ayurvedic herbal tradition.


Our story

Sattwa Herb's goals and vision

A higher quality of life through a happy digestion

We want to help people understand that it is possible to get well in the stomach and to get their digestion in order and also other related health problems such as skin etc. We offer personally selected herbal blends based on each individual's stomach and digestion based on the thousands of years old traditional medical system Ayurveda.

Read more about Our concept "Your way to a happy digestion" here.

Founder of Sattwa Herbs

Sara Fryklund, who is an Ayurvedic Practitioner in herbs, digestion and diet, has always had a very strong interest in herbs and their healing properties since childhood.

During the years she has helped clients in consultation, she has become a skilled diet and herbal specialist. Sara has always had the goal of learning the effects and uses of herbs by making her own herbal blends, according to the Ayurvedic tradition of Ayurvedic doctors in India. Sara also has a university degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from Manipal Ayurvedic University, India/London plus she is a public health scientist from Karolinska Institutet, the leading medical university in Sweden.

Stomach and digestion are related to other health problems

Digestion problems and other related health problems are the area that Sara has become a specialist in over the years, so Sattwa Herbs has its focus on herbs for your stomach and digestion. When, according to the Ayurvedic tradition, you have to give body and mind a chance to heal and find your balance, you always start by getting your digestion in order, when it works, you add other treatment to cleanse, build up or calm body and mind. In India in Ayurvedic hospitals and retreats, this is done through a real Panchakarma (a deep and thorough cleansing and then body building) to access various health problems.

Here in Europe we do not have complete Ayurvedic hospitals, but we can work with ourselves in another, if not more efficient way in the long run. Learning the Ayurvedic lifestyle here at home is more long-term and of course includes herbs, simple diet and lifestyle changes etc.

If you want help from Ayurveda or Sara, read more in Sara's Diet & Lifestyle Advice or take one of Sara's popular online course which will be launched during spring and summer 2021.

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The future

We will be launching online courses in English (we already have them in Swedish) that are based on Sara's deep knowledge of Ayurveda and on the experience she has gained based on several years in consultation with customers and from lectures and workshops. This autumn we will present a mini-course "Your way to a happy digestion".

Next year 2022 we will present a longer course with Sara which will take a wider approach to digestive health and your entire health balance- in other words how to live a balanced and healthy life with Ayurveda. 

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Welcome to Sattwa Herbs

We sell ayurvedic herbal blends to EU, Great Britain, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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Enjoy our world of Herbs and Ayurveda!

Warm Regards

Sara Fryklund

Founder, Ayurvedic and herbal practitioner