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Customer: Lena, October 2020 "Fantastic - now I have a life and love my stomach!"

Thanks for the recent conversation Sara and the help in choosing herbs for the future. I follow your tips with the Mung Bean Casserole, hot water, and of course the herbs. Fantastic! My life changed when I started with your herbal blends. Now I have a life and love my stomach!

Customer: Malin, March 2020 "Thank you so much for great products"

Hi! Just have to take the opportunity to tell you that your herbs have done wonders for my skin (and stomach - that's where the root of the skin problems is). After a long sick leave for fatigue syndrome, my skin changed and my insides were revolting. Became sensitive to different foods and very sensitive to stress (stomach cramped), my skin became even more sensitive and inflammation appeared here and there (mild rosacea). It not only worked to reduce stress and work, but I felt I had to balance everything - both work, recovery, and food. Have now used Kapha All in One (first Pitta) and Support Skin - Calm redness and stomach and skin feel so much better. This together with good food and yoga/mindfulness means that there are less stress and anxiety in my life. Thank you so much for the great products.

Sincerely, Malin

Customer: Victoria, November 2019 "Feel the real difference - when I take the herbs regularly - they are my salvation"

Just wanted to say that Sattwa Herbs product Vata All in One is a real lifesaver for my Vata stomach which always tends to hassle in the fall and the winter months. Feels a real difference - when I take the herbs regularly.

Customer: Hiba, February 2019, "No more energy dips"

For me, Mung Bean Casserole in combination with Sattwa Herb's product Herbs for Skin - Soft & Glow has been amazing! From being the person who exercises and eats healthy food and still has problems and getting energy dips in the evenings. To have stable energy throughout the day. Highly recommend this!

Pigga Butiken's tips on how you can become friends with your stomach, Jan 2019

What is your relationship to your stomach? Read about how "Pigga Butiken" gives advice on Sattwa Herbs products and how you can become friends with your stomach.

Anne-Christine "The Mung Bean Casserole cured me" article about Sara and Sattwa Herbs in the magazine Året runt 2018

Read about how Sattwa Herb's customer Anne-Christine got her joints in order with the help of Sattwa Herb's own herb and Ayurveda Practitioner Sara Fryklund. Anne-Christine Månsson had no appetite, her stomach worked poorly and she was stiff in the joints. Only when she started eating according to the old Ayurvedic diet did her stomach come into balance. Click here to read the whole article from the magazine Året runt (the article is in Swedish).

Customer: Katarina, December 2018 "Now I feel good"

I just want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and commitment. Discovered your website 3 months ago and immediately fell in love with the recipe for the Mung Bean Casserole. Have tried to germinate mung beans but never cooked as a main course. What a good stew! And filling and kind to the stomach. The spices used in cooking the Mung Bean Casserole I have never used before, but what a wonderful flavor combination! Thanks. Now I make the Mung Bean Casserole at least once a week and plan to continue with it because it makes my whole being feel good.

Sattwa Herbs Comment: Katarina also uses the Classic products, Sattwa Balanced Mind and Let Go Mild & Daily.

Customer: Åsa, November 2018 "My body completely screams for the herbs, ghee, and the Mung Bean Casserole"

Hi, I want to start by really thanking you with all my heart for a good lecture and that I have finally found help for my stomach problems. Now a problem has arisen. A fun and positive problem. It's starting to run out ...I've probably taken a little too much but I'm listening to my body and it's completely screaming for the herbs, ghee, and Mung Bean Casserole. Wow I say🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Sattwa Herb's comment: Åsa uses Pitta All in One.

Customer: Eleonor, July 2018, "Very happy and satisfied customer"

Without Sattwa Herbs, I would never have felt as good as I do today. It is fantastic! Miracle! Thanks so much!

Customer: Christina, March 2018, "Constipated for 10 years- Yesterday I went to the toilet myself, the third day- absolutely incredible"

Hi! I was at a lecture in Sandviken which was very good. The next day I went shopping for Mung Bean Casserole, detox, and Vata All in one. I have been totally constipated for ten years and have Toilax on prescription. Yesterday I went to the toilet myself, the third day it was unbelievable.

Mvh Cristina

Sattwa Herb's Comment: Christina has used Vata All in One

Customer: Katja, Malmö January 2018, "Can now eat anything without swelling up!"

It's hard to describe in words how happy and grateful I feel to have found Sattwa Herbs. For almost 3 years I have had problems with my swollen stomach and tried a lot of different methods to get rid of my stomach problems but unfortunately none of these have helped. Then when I was at Hillesgården and listened to Sara Fryklund about Ayurveda, it gave me great hope. I went to her website after the lecture and ordered some products. Now I have tested the herbs, ghee, and Mung Bean Casserole for 3 weeks and have never felt better. It feels unbelievable that I can eat anything without swelling up. It feels like I've got a new and healthier body. I can finally enjoy all the food now and will continue with these products as needed, as long as I live. Warm greetings Katja.

Sattwa Herb's comment: Katja has used Kapha All in One and also Let Go Mild & Daily

Pigga Butiken about stomach pain and our herbs, January 2018

Pigga Butiken writes about how our products can help you with stomach problems. Read more here.

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Guiltfree living blog about Ayurveda and our products, December 2017

Ida from the blog Guiltfree living writes about our products and how to find the right mix. Read more here.

Pigga Butiken about our popular product Pitta All in One, September 2017

Read what Pigga Butiken thinks about our best-selling product Pitta All in One. Read their blog.

Customer: Ksenija Kosanovic, Jönköping September 2017 "Absolutely wonderful"

Hi! Would like to thank you very much for fantastic advice and recipes as well as for the interesting mini-lecture at the "Life store" in Jönköping on April 6 (last mini-lecture at 17.00)! but also for the herbal blend that I have purchased! My stomach has become amazingly good! Thank you Sara for this fantastic herbal blend! Even after the first intake in the evening - together with ghee - after the recipe, I have felt the smoothness! Absolutely wonderful! Now after only 4 days, I barely have any of the problems, very happy! Thanks once again! Good luck with your fantastic work and I will in the future follow the website, purchase, and possibly write and ask for advice regarding the products!

With very warm greetings Ksenija Kosanovic from Jönköping

Sattwa Herb's Comment: Ksenija used the Pitta Classic that she took with ghee.

Customer: Ida, Sandviken August 2017 "My daughter's eczema has been completely gone during the summer"

Since I changed my diet from Paleo and followed your tips and have used the herbs, a lot has happened to my health, I am so grateful! My family has also been hooked on the train and my daughter's eczema has been completely gone during the summer, wonderful! I am really looking forward to when you come to Sandviken, I have tipped lots of people about your lecture they have been inspired by how I eat and are curious about your good advice and your herbs.

Sattwa Herb's Comment: Ida and her family have used Support Skin along with a Primary Product of course.

Iván Valencia from the blog Naturligt SNYGG about skincare from within, May 2017

Iván explains how our product Support skin can support the skin from within. Read more here.

Customer: Linnea, May 2017 "Feels like a princess" - no hard stomach anymore

Just need to tell you about my AHA experience after my contact with the herbs from SATTWA HERBS. On March 19, I had the honor of meeting Sara again. Got a new kind of herbs, which I took for 5 days. Then more things start to happen to the stomach. Top again! My stomach is so good today and that after only 4 weeks. Feels like a princess. Thanks, Sara, if you knew how happy I am. I've had stomach problems for so many years.

Please Linnea

Sattwa Herbs Comment: Linnea has used Vata Agni Classic + Detox Longer & Stronger + Let Go Mild & Daily which has the same content as Vata All in One

Customer Agneta, February 2017 "Fantastic, my stomach stays calm when I am out among people and now I can sleep a whole night without coughing"

I take my herbs for the stomach punctually and the result is fantastic. Not a single failure since I started with the herbs. I start to feel safe with my stomach staying calm when I'm out with people, which I did not before, it's a great experience. My stomach problem has been going on since 1996. Then I went to see a doctor, I got no diagnosis, but Imodium on prescription. I'll see if I can phase out that medicine eventually. I also take Sitopaladi for my coughing and now it happens quite often that I get to sleep a whole night and that was a long time ago now. I have also cooked Ghee which I have on a sandwich and also mix it with Sitopaladi.

Sattwa Herbs Comment: Agneta has used Pitta Agni Classic + Sattwa Balanced Mind + Ghee which has the same content as Pitta All in One and also Sitopaladi for the airways.

Article in Året Runt, January 2017

Read the article from the Swedish magazine Året Runt about how Marianne got her skin and stomach problems in order with the help of Sattwa Herb's herbal blends!

Customer: Lotta a customer from "Everything for the Health" - the fair in Stockholm, November 2016


Just want to say thank you! What luck that I met you at the health fair in Älvsjö (Stockholm). The herbs are starting to make my stomach better. Bought a new batch from you. Mung Bean Casserole was very good and Ghee which both me and my children liked. We had Ghee on crispy sandwiches and in cooking.

Greetings Lotta

Customer: Evelina Rosengren- August 2016 "The feeling is just indescribable!"

I bought products from you when I was at the Fitness Gala in Stockholm! I must say that I am very happy! My stomach works every day, digestion works, no gas or bloated stomach, so the feeling is indescribable! It has helped me a lot. The products I bought were Kapha Agni Classic, Let Go Mild & Daily and Detox Longer & Stronger!

Greetings Evelina Rosengren

Customer: Ellen, manager at Hillesgården, Klippan, Skåne, July 2016

This is how Ellen writes about Mung Bean Casserole:

- Yes, we had the Mung Bean Casserole for lunch for the staff last week and it was a success. So it was an order for a replay. They liked it very much. I also liked it. It was surprising that it felt so good in the stomach after eating it. Lentils and beans always bring a little sensation, but this one felt comfortable right away.

Regards Ellen

Customer: Mika Isaksson June 2016- "Calmer digestion, sleeps better"

I'm super happy with your products. Found you at the Beauty Fair in Malmö and now I drink your herbals blends (when I remember .. is a distracted little hummingbird) Even though I miss a few days sometimes I notice a big difference. My stomach is calmer, I sleep better and I have not been sick for a whole year! Before, I was a little sick quite often ... but not anymore. Whether it's due to Sattwa Herb's herbal blends or a lifestyle change I do not know, but no matter what, I will continue with my herbs.

Have a nice day!

Hi Mika!

So great that you're starting to get your stomach in order. That is exactly what the idea for "Vata-hummingbird" is to be able to have the herbs in the kitchen cupboard as security to use when you need them.

Greetings Sara Fryklund

Sattwa Herbs Comment: Mika has used Vata Classic, Booster Energy & Body, and Let Go Mild & Daily.

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