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In Ayurveda, there are three types of digestion/stomach, Vata Agni, Pitta Agni and Kapha Agni.

To find out what type of digestion you have, answer the questions below.

Answer as accurately as you can - this to make the result as good as possible. The test takes approx. 3 minutes.

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Here is your result:

The type of digestion that you got the highest score on is the one that best matches your digestion!

Vata Agni:   points

Pitta Agni:   points

Kapha Agni:   points

If you have about the same number of points on two types of digestion, we recommend that you repeat the test and answer based on how your stool has been mostly in recent weeks!

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Here you can read about what characterizes the different types of digestion.

Vata Agni - In its character:

A Vata digestion is usually hard, basically never loose.

A Vata has a tendency not to go to the toilet every day, ie the stool can easily jump for several days. The stool can come in hard ball shape.

A Vata digestion may forget to eat completely, but when the Vata finds out that he or she is hungry, he or she becomes acutely hungry. Alternatively, you are often hungry and need a snack to keep your energy up.

A Vata is irregular in character and can therefore sometimes experience both his hunger and bowel movements as changing, but you always have a tendency to a harder stomach.

Pitta Agni - In its character:

A Pitta's digestion is more loose in its character, in principle never gets constipated.

Does often need to go to the toilet several times a day

Has or has in the past had heat in the stomach such as gastritis, burning sensations in the stomach and swelling. A Pitta doesn't always feel his digestion and can sometimes ignore it, despite some discomfort.

Strong hunger especially for LUNCH is the most common characteristic of a Pittamage. In the middle of the day, digestion is strongest, but if you eat hot and cooked food regularly, you may have a slightly strong hunger at all meals.

A Pitta often experiences that they have a normal or fast digestion, absolutely not slow.

Kapha Agni - In its character:

A Kapha often experiences his digestion as sluggish and stagnant, at least from time to time.

If you are in balance, you have a harmonious, well-shaped and large sausage every day. But some may experience it as if the stool does not really come out, even though you go to the toilet every day.

You are often a little bigger around the hips/abdomen/stomach, especially in relation to the rest of your body.

A Kapha often experiences that he or she has a slow and stagnant digestion. Hunger is often quite insignificant and weak. He or she can often go all day without eating, but in the evening the Kapha wakes up to life and eats much and good!

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