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It all starts with your digestion; according to Ayurveda the root cause of many health problems today is an improper digestion. If your digestion works your body can more easily take care of other imbalances that may affect your health. Sara Fryklund, Sattwa Herbs own Ayurveda Specialist has over the years in consultation with clients developed high-quality herbal blends. She has helped many clients to a worry-free skin and a harmonious digestion.

Sattwa Herbs offers high quality, individualized, effective herbal products for both skin care, digestion and other health related issues based on the ancient traditional medicinal system of Ayurveda.

Our Primary Product Selection Mix n´Match consists of individualized herbal blends according to your digestive type, Vata, Pitta or Kapha Agni. Customers can here Mix n´Match different products for their health needs according to which type of digestion they have. Sattwa Herbs Primary Product Selection is available here in our web shop as well as in selected health stores around Sweden.

We are now launching a NEW product line Easy to choose, ready made high quality herbal blends which targets the customer who just want a quick choice. Here the customer just chose the Product they need for example digestion, skin care etc. No need to chose your digestive typ here. All Easy to choose herbal blends always contains general digestive herbs, this is essential in order to get maximum benefit of the other herbs. We will first be launcning Happy Digestion and our four Herbs for Skin in April 2018 and the other products later on this year.


Are you a retailer and interested in selling our products, just contact us by e-mail info@sattwaherbs.com or phone + 46 723 12 12 03.


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