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For Who and for What?

For anyone who wants a happy stomach and more harmonious digestion or wants herbs for their other health. In Ayurveda, we take herbs preventively to build up or cleanse the body before we get sick. All our herbal blends are balanced and therefore give the least possible side effects.

We will launch our english courses during spring and summer 2021, so you can get other simple diet and lifestyle tools to help you on your journey to a balanced and lasting health. Read more about our ENTIRE concept "Your way to a Happy digestion" here.

What do the herbal blends contain?

Sattwa Herb's herbal blends are natural supplements with ayurvedic herbs in powder form composed and tested by Sara Fryklund, Sattwa Herb's own Ayurvedic Practitioner. We choose our herbs from carefully selected suppliers in Europe and India. All our products contain only herbs except All in One which also contains Ghee*.

* What is Ghee?

GHEE is a clarified butter that has been used for thousands of years in the Ayurvedic herbal tradition to stabilize digestion. During cooking, the butterfat and water are separated and a precipitation of milk proteins, lactose and enzymes disappears. For recipe on Ghee click here.

How do I take the herbs?

The herbs are usually taken with 0.5 dl of hot (boiled) water according to the instructions on the back of the bag. Learn more about how to take your herbs here.

Shall I take my herbs with extra ghee?

If you want you can take your herbs with extra ghee.

Ghee lubricates a hard stomach and gives a nice digestible weight for an upset stomach. Ghee lubricates a dry skin from the inside.

Here's how to take your herbs with extra ghee:

Choose the one that suits you best. The more harmony you want in your digestion, the more ghee you should take. However, the maximum dose per occasion is approx. 1 large teaspoon. Recipe for ghee can be found here.

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of your herbal blend with about 1 teaspoon of ghee. Eat! Then drink it with a little hot (boiled) water.
  2. Mix 1 teaspoon of your own herbal blend with 0.5 dl of hot (boiled water). Add a little ghee as needed, max one teaspoon.

When do I feel that something is happening?

Usually after a few days, you should feel that your digestion begins to find more harmony fairly quickly. But to get a completely balanced digestion often takes some time, but it goes much faster if you start using the Ayurvedic Dietary Tools. Read more in our Ayurvedic tips & advice from Sara our Ayurvedic Practitioner

How long should I take the products?

Feel free to take your herbs 2 times a day after breakfast and after lunch/supper for the first 1-3 months, then we recommend once a day - preferably after breakfast. Think about how long you have had your worries, then you realize that you need to give your body and digestion time to find a new balance.

How do I know what type of digestion I have?

Do our Digestion Quiz to find out what type of digestion you have or read more here Choose Products

Why do some of the herbs taste bitter and astringent?

The herbs are from the nature and therefore taste different, everything from sweet, salty, sour, strong to astringent and bitter. The flavors we need most today and get the least of through the diet are bitter and astringent, therefore some of the herbal blends have a character of these, among others Triphala that can be found in Let Go Mild & Daily. Triphala consists of three gooseberries that give the astringent taste. If you have problems taking the herbs, you can take them as a "shot" and then drink some hot water afterwards.

Why do I always have to take at least 1/3 of the Primary Product?

In order for the body to be able to best absorb the herbs in the Add-on Products, it is important that your digestion is in balance.

Are there any side effects?

All our herbal blends are balanced and therefore give the least possible side effects. However, always follow the instructions on the package. Read more here about how our herbal blends are balanced.

Why should the water be hot?

To activate all the properties of the herbs and to make it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients from them. Mix the herbs with hot (boiled) water and allow to cool for 30 seconds before drinking. If you want, you can pour a little cold water into the hot herbal blened and drink immediately.

Is there any difference between taking your products in powder or capsules?

It is actually faster for the body to absorb the herbs in powder form and you also get more herbs for the money. But sometimes it can be good to take herbs in capsules as well, for example if you have difficulty with flavors or when traveling or if you just want a little variety.

How long do the products last?

Click on each product in our store and you will see the back label on the product, at the bottom of the label is weight and under Dosage how long it will last.

In general, you can say that:

Primary product Classic/All in One and the Add-on Products - weighs approx. 80 grams and if you take 1 teaspoon a day, the bag will last a month.

Primary product All in One is available in two sizes 80g which is enough for approx. 1 month if you take 1 teaspoon a day and 140g which is almost 2 months if you take 1 teaspoon a day.

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