How to Take Your Herbs

"It is a nice routine to take your herbs after breakfast so that digestion gets off to a good start to the day and it is also easier to remember it"

When to take your herbs

Take your herbs every day 1-3 times/day. Herbs help you to achieve a calmer stomach and to balance your stool. When the stomach is calm and behaves better, it is easier to start feeling how your stomach really feels and what it needs - it is only then that you can get to know your stomach and digestion. And that's the key to good health.

This is what a day with Sattwa Herbs' herbs might look like:

1. AFTER BREAKFAST 1 teaspoon of Primary Product All in One/Classic* in 50 ml of hot boiled water or with extra ghee. Do you need extra support you also take your herbs after lunch or supper.

* If you take an Add-on Product for your skin, mind or to boost or detox you take 1/2 teaspoon of your Primary Product + 1/2 teaspoon of your Add-on Product. For three products, take 1/3 of each.

2. AT BEDTIME 1 teaspoon of Let Go Mild & Daily as a nice evening routine. It is best to take with 50 ml of hot (boiled) water. Preferably do not eat after so that the body can clean at night.

How to take your herbs with 50 ml of hot boiled water

Let the hot water cool off for approx. 1 minute and then drink it, or pour in a little cold water and drink it at once. It is important that it is really hot when you drink it, but you should not burn yourself :). The hot water activates the herbs.

Should you take your herbs with ghee or with boiling water

The Standard is to take the herbs with 50 ml of hot (boiled) water according to the instructions on the backside label of your product.

But it's good to take your herbal blend with extra ghee when you need extra support.

Ghee lubricates a hard stool/faeces and gives a nice digestible weight for an upset stomach. Ghee also lubricates dry skin from within.

How to take your herbs with extra ghee

The more harmony you want in your digestion, the more ghee you should take. However, the maximum dose per occasion is approx. 1 large teaspoon. Choose the method that suits you best.

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of your herbal blend with approx. 1 teaspoon of ghee. Eat! Then drink a little hot (boiled) water. The hot water activates the herbs and the ghee.
  2. Mix 1 teaspoon of your own herbal blend with 50 ml of hot boiled water. Add a little ghee as needed. Max one large teaspoon.

You make the easiest, cheapest and tastiest Ghee yourself, but it's also available to buy in Health food stores. Our recipe for ghee can be found here.

How often should you take your herbal blend

It depends on how much help and support you want. A rule of thumb is this:

  • 3 times a day for a lot of extra support (after meals) when you are really out of balance.
  • 2 times a day for a little extra support (after breakfast + after lunch or supper).
  • Once a day for maintenance (after breakfast).

More than 3 teaspoons of herbs per day are not needed, it becomes a waste of money, as the body can not absorb and assimilate more at a time.

How long do you need to eat herbs?

I wish I could say eat your herbs for 3 months then you do not need them anymore. But unfortunately, we have all got such poor digestions today that it is difficult to cope without support in everyday life, and then herbs for digestion are a very easy way to keep your stomach and digestion under control.

But this is a rule of thumb to follow:

Take your herbs 2-3 times a day for the first 3 months, then we recommend once a day for maintenance - preferably after breakfast. Life goes up and down and when you need more you can always increase the dose temporarily for a few weeks and then when you feel better they may end up in the kitchen cupboard. But it's best to eat your herbs continuously every day - so you avoid ups and downs and maintain an even digestion.

What is the difference between Primary Product Classic and All in One

Select as follows:

  • Choose Primary Product Classic (without ghee) - If you have a fairly balanced digestion and just want a little better balance.
  • Choose Primary Product All In One (which is with ghee) - If you have an unbalanced digestion and are tired of your stomach controlling your life.

Then of course you will also have to choose your type of digestion. Get help choosing your type of digestion here, or do our Digestion Quiz.

Tips for each of the three different types of digestion

A Vata digestion should try to take their herbs after breakfast and preferably after another meal as well. If you want extra support for your mind, you can take our Add-on Product Sattwa Balanced Mind. As the Vata digestion is rough/hard in character, a Vata needs to take his/her herbs with extra ghee. It lubricates a Vata digestion from the inside.
A Vata digestion often needs extra help to cleanse out and then Let Go Mild & Daily works well, it also becomes a nice evening routine.

A Pitta digestion usually only needs Pitta All in One and it should be eaten with extra ghee when digestion is very out of balance. If you are a little hard in your stomach sometimes, you can take Let Go Mild & Daily before going to bed as well. It is especially important for a Pitta digestion to take the herbs after breakfast in order to stay balanced right up until lunch. Around lunch (ie between 10-14 during the day) it is Pitta time and then the digestive fire is strongest, if you are a little out of balance the hunger easily becomes too strong at lunchtime and then herbs help to balance the hunger.

A Pitta who needs to cleanse deeper can take Detox Longer & Stronger. Or for a milder daily cleanse when you have a little hard faeces/stool take Let Go Mild & Daily before bedtime when needed. A Pitta is prone to get skin problems, please have a look at our three Add - on Products "Support skin". Choose after your skin type in our Shop.

A Kapha digestion should try to take their herbs after breakfast and preferably after another meal as well. If you want to cleanse out a little extra, you can also take our Add-on Products Detox Longer & Stronger and Let Go Mild & Daily. If you have lost your appetite, a Kapha can take her/his herbs BEFORE food - in order to increase appetite. Otherwise, all herbs are taken as a standard after the meal.

A Kapha can often benefit from boosting his/ her body and mind with our Add-on Product Booster Mind & Body.

Sara Fryklund, our Ayurvedic Practitioner, has over the years helped thousands of customers get their stomachs and digestion in order. The tools Sara uses, she uses because she gets such great results with just these simple Ayurvedic tools.

It is all possible to achieve a healthy & happy digestion, read more about how Sara and Sattwa Herb's tools can help you.

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