Should you take only ONE herb or several at a time

Do you know why it is important take many different herbs in a mixture instead of only ONE herb, when taking herbs regularly?

Well, if we take for example the herb Ashwagandha (which is good for calming a stressed body or digestion). Ashwagandha is in its character OILY (which at first gives a nice weight that we need) and HOT (which at first helps the mind and body to relax, among other things).

But we often have too much heat (fire) in our bodies and digestion today due to the fact that we stress as much as we do.

If you only take Ashwagandha over a longer period of time, the property HOT will take over and this will then leads to the body drying out and over time it can also cause constipation for a Vata or Kapha digestion and a Pitta digestion can have more problems with heat such as gastritis etc.

But even the OILY property is not good in the long run, ie if you only take Ashwagandha. It makes your digestion too heavy and forms toxins and slag products so that the digestion is inhibited and creates imbalances such as too hard stomach or fiery gastritis.

THAT'S WHY IT IS SUPER IMPORTANT to have several herbs in a mixture to balance this out. For example, you can have Licorice/Shatavari/Amalaki to lower the heat from Ashwagandhan and Turmeric to help the body digest, take care of the weight of Ashwagandha.

Our herbal blends at SATTWA HERBS are always designed to balance out any side effects that may occur when taking just one herb. It is a skilled art to make a herbal blend that actually becomes more effective than just using one herb. This is what is called real herbal medicine a knowledge that we unfortunately forgot and lost in most of the western world today, but in China and India this knowledge remains.

It is Sara Fryklund our Herb and Ayurvedic practitioners passion to mix herbal blends that are more potent in their composition than an individual herb is! If you have not yet tried our herbal blends, feel free to do so.

Example of what our herbal blend Vata All in One contains:

  • Calming herbs such as Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Shankapushpi
  • Cleansing herbs such as Triphala, Turmeric, Bhumiamalaki
  • Specific stomach herbs for the hard stomach type Vata such as Cumin, Hing, Black pepper, Long pepper, Ginger.
  • Ghee - the fantastic shredded butter that lubricates a hard stomach and also lowers any heat in your digestion.

We create herbals blends at Sattwa Herbs for your specific digestion type and needs. Soon we will start selling completely individual herbal blends, just as we did before when Sara - our Ayurveda and herbal practitioner mixed for each person individually in consultation.

Keep an eye out if you're curious about trying a completely individual mix!

It's coming early next year.

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