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I became interested in Ayurveda 12 years ago. I had lost my 14-year-old daughter quickly a few years earlier and life was turned upside down, I lost my footing completely. Deepest abyssal grief. This started a profound journey within me. I had to find new ways to relate to both life and death in order to be strong. I began to meditate, read about spirituality, immersed myself in holistic health, and absorbed lessons from Buddhism. I thought that if I was to live here now, I would at least stay as healthy and strong as possible. I became interested in how body, mind and spirit are connected and read about the chakra system (a system that describes different energy centers in our body).

I got consultions from two different ayurveda counselors, on two different occasions. It became clear that I was an unusual "tridosha" (the most common is that you have two doshas that are more distinctive), which means that I have about equal parts of Vata, Pitta and Kapha when I am in balance. Getting in balance in this way does not have to be the goal, everyone finds their own basic constellation. Despite this, I also have a strong tendency to have a surplus in Kapha. It was an exciting discovery, and I have since lived to find balance along it. Balance for me, is to give my body as clean diet as possible and continue to look deep into how ayurveda works. Me and my sister-in-law and friend, then took a basic course in ayurveda. We bought books and have discussed a lot. Sometimes I have lost myself, but found myself again when I got on the right track.



I now know what makes me feel good, but I also know what makes me feel bad. Because I easily end up in Kapha imbalance, it periodically makes me doughy, sluggish, sticky, just as Kaphan's qualities express themselves. Kapha means mucus, and when I have felt really deep down, I get asthma, get easily depressed, feel heavy, eat more, usually "dough and glue" in the form of bread, cakes and other compact foods. Slag gets stuck in the system and the body has less opportunity to absorb nutrients and is not detoxified as it should. I then get tired and powerless.

I need the opposite of this sluggishness, I am well aware of that, so when I feel that I have stepped into the "kapha-daub", I give myself Vatan's movement, lightness and wind, both in the form of diet and exercise. And Pittan's hot spices that starts the combustion. Pittan's will and determination. All to resolve stagnation. Fresh ginger and turmeric is something that helps with just this and which I have probably taken almost every morning for 12 years. When Kapha is in balance, it has nice qualities such as security, stability and endurance, but when there is a surplus, it just becomes sluggish. I get a lot, a lot of power from my garden. The green color, to create, arrange, photograph. Dig, cut and shape. It's the biggest passion I have, and it gives me healing on several levels. I have an instagram account where I almost exclusively write about gardening. But since health is also important, I searched around one day for a good ayurveda page on Instagram. Then I found @sattwaherbs and started to read.

I felt I wanted to find something good to do if I started to feel the stagnation again, or to feel that my digestion never even has to stop. I ordered Kapha Agni Classic which should be stirred into hot water and taken after a meal as a "shot". It has a heat and strength that suited me. I really FEEL how the stomach and intestines speed up, and how they thank me for supporting their quiet job of digesting and burning food. A sense of well-being is all you need.

Catarina Persson, 55 years old, Trelleborg, Sweden

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