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Now its possible to get your very own custom herbal blend with herbs just for you!

We are all different with different needs!

This is how it works: 

Fill in a short form or book a free Herbal consultation with Sara. Sara then makes your recipe and mixes your herbs, after that you get your herbs in the mail.

Which herbal blends can I by now? 

You can buy your Personal Herbal Blend and the products Let Go Mild & Daily and OJA Bitter & Sweet (former name OJA - The little bitter).

You who previously bought for example Basic Product Vata, Pitta or Kapha (All in One or Classic) - can still do so, but you will receive your herbs in the form of your own Personal Herbal Blend. My tip is that you book a free herbal consultation (by mailing Sara att [email protected]) so Sara can see if there are any other herbs you need. You still get the same amount of herbs for your money, it's just the size of the bags that have changed and the way you shop.

If you previously used Additional products such as Booster Mind & Body, Sattwa Balanced Mind,  Support skin or Jala, you can still do so, but you will receive your herbs in your Personal Herbal Blend.

You can still buy the products Let Go Mild & Daily and Oja Bitter & Sweet (former name Oja - The little bitter).

Why is Sattwa Herbs changing its sortiment?

To make it more personal for you as a customer, so that you get the herbs you really need based on your own needs.

To enable Sara to continue with Sattwa Herbs in an easy way without spending too much time on administration and other things.

How do I order and pay for my herbs now?

You order your herbs by emailing Sara at [email protected]. You will then recieve an invoice mailed to you, the same invoice will also come in your mail package together with your herbs.

How do I know I'm getting the right herbs for me?

When you have placed your order, filled in the health form and the Stomach type Test, Sara will get back to you if she feels that more information is needed. If you instead want more personal advice to buy your Herbal Blend, you are welcome to book a free 10-15 minute Herbal Consultation with Sara.

Who are these herbal blends for?

For anyone who wants a happy stomach or wants herbs for their other health. It can be the skin, stress, joints, the female or male system, fatigue, sleep and exhaustion, etc.

After all, everything starts with your digestion, so if we have good digestion, the body can take care of other imbalances we may suffer from.

Now you have the chance to get a herbal blend that is tailored exactly to your needs. In Ayurveda, we take herbs preventively to build up or clean out the body before we get sick. All our herbal blends are balanced and therefore produce the least possible side effects.


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Welcome to place your order 🌿 and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Warm greetings 💚